B.Sc (IT) SEM V - "Basic IoT Entities" in IoT

B.Sc (IT) SEM V - "Java EE Structure" in Enterprise Java

B.Sc (IT) SEM V - "Introduction" in SPM

B.Sc.(IT) SEM V - "Servlets" Advance Java

B.Sc (IT) SEM V - "Introduction" in SPM

T.Y. BSc(IT) sem. VI - "Security in Computing(SC)" @ Vidyalankar

T.Y. BSc(IT) sem. VI - " Software Quality Assurance (SQA)" @ Vidyalankar

B.Sc.(IT) Sem IV -Topic "Intro to SE " of Software Engineering @ Vidyalankar

B.Sc.IT Sem IV - Topic "Core Java"

B.Sc.IT Sem III - Topic "Computer Network - Switching"

B.Sc.(IT) Sem III - Topic "Python Introduction"

B.Sc.(IT) Sem III - Topic "Python"

B.Sc.(IT) Sem III - Topic "DBMS"

B.Sc.(IT) Sem III - Topic "Data Structures"

B.Sc.(IT) Sem III - Topic "Applied Mathematics (AM)"

Nathan Dpenha - 1st Rank in St. Andrews College

Komal Jain -1st Rank in Patkar College

Mehvish Patel -3rd Rank In Sophia College

Manasi Rajput - 2nd Rank in Sathaye College

Akankshya Pandye- 2nd Rank In SIES College

Priyanka Maske - 1st Rank In Asmita College

Varna Acharya - 3rd Rank in CHM College

Tejas Thawal -3rd Rank in Bhavan college

Komal Gulwani- 2nd Rank in CHM College

Ifrah Kampoo TY.B.sc.IT-(Sem VI) Agg : 80.38% Khalsa college

Amit Vishwakarma TY.B.Sc.IT-(Sem VI) 2nd Rank Maharashtra college.

Sadaf Temrikar TY.B.Sc.IT-(Sem VI) 1st Rank Patkar College

Sanobar Khan TY.B.Sc.IT- (Sem VI) 2nd Rank Birla College

Yogesh Gutte (TYB Sc IT) 1st Rank in Vikas College

B.Sc.(IT) Sem II -Topic "Buses in Microprocessor " of Microprocessor Architecture

B.Sc.(IT) Sem II -Topic "Table " of Web Programming

B.Sc.(IT) Sem II -Topic "Introduction of OOP " of Object Oriented Programming

B.Sc (IT) Sem VI - Topic "Intro to GIS" of GIS

B.Sc.(IT) Sem VI - Internet Technologies

Vidyalankar B.Sc. IT Topper : Anagha Kotre : Network Security

Vidyalankar B.Sc. IT Topper : Juhi Naik : Advanced Java

Vidyalankar B.Sc. IT Topper : Ruchira Desai : ASP.NET

Career Options after BSc. IT

B.Sc. (IT) SEM I - Operating Systems

B.Sc.(IT) SEM I - Control Structure-Loops of Imperative Programming

B.Sc. (IT) SEM I - Relation of Discrete Mathematics

B.Sc.(IT) SEM I Regular Batches @ Vidyalankar

B.Sc.(IT) Sem II -Topic "Numerical Integration " of Numerical & Statistical Methods

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