BSc (IT) Final Year Exam- Meet the challenge head on

Posted by under Blog on May 25, 2017

What’s the challenge you may ask. The challenge lies in the fact that whereas the first 2 years run better smooth, with results that bring smiles and cheers both students and family, the slump in the final year is too hard to believe. The disparity of the passing percentage between the first 2 years and final years that it becomes a concern for educationists, students and parents alike.

Going to the root cause of this debacle, the finger surely points towards lack of adept teachers in colleges to handle advanced subjects and short duration of semesters to do justice to the course.

Vidyalankar with a proven record of over 5 decades of successfully grooming students provides quality guidance to students that assure them of success. The systematic approach of excellent teachers, regular feedback of students, meticulously prepared tests to gorge students understanding, model answers etc brings the desired results that students strive for thorough research, goes into making the notes that cover every aspect of the syllabus which students vouchsafe for.

Vidyalankar strives hard to give every student entering their portals the ‘Vidyalankar Advantage’ which brings out the sure shot coiner in every student.

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